Introducing the LightBank MITO SERIES Inflatable AIR TUBE Modifier for Monolights.


The LightBank Air Tube Inflatable Modifier offers universal compatibility with  monolights to create soft, pleasant lighting. An adjustable strap ensures simple installation on light reflectors, making it ideal for content creators, filmmakers, and photographers seeking professional versatility.

Maximum Compatibility

The Mito Air Tube Inflatable Modifier is universally compatible with any monolights, ensuring a seamless fit to create soft, pleasant lighting for any setup.

Quick Adjustable Strap

Easily install the modifier on light reflectors with the included adjustable strap, designed for quick and secure attachment.

Rapid Inflation

 Inflates in under 7 seconds. Secondary valve included for maximum buoyancy.

Ultra Soft Air Diffusion

Transform your monolights into a soft, cylindrical lighting source.

Tiny but Mighty

Optimize your lighting setup with the LightBank Air Tube design. Unlike traditional softboxes that need more room, the LightBank Air Tube converts your monolights into a sleek, slim tube soft light source. This portable, travel-friendly modifier is quick to set up and ideal for smaller spaces.

360-Degree Rotation

Achieve precise control over your lighting direction with a simple twist

Skirt/Honeycomb Grid

Enhance your light control with Light Honeycomb Grid with Skirt


Product Specifications


Inflated Dimensions(LxWxH)

45''x7.8''x7.8'' / 115cmx20cmx20cm

Storage Dimensions(LxWxH)

12''x9''x1'' / 30cmx20cmx3cm


0.69lbs / 316g

Compatible Monolight Power

Under 300W

Compatible Reflector Diameter

7''-7.87''/ 18-20cm


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Is the Remus Lens PL/ EF Mount interchangeable?

Yes, we provide a standard PL/EF mount with the Remus, offering only one lens mount initially. However, the Remus PL/EF mount is interchangeable. If you desire both mounts, you can separately purchase the PL/EF mount from our store.

Is Remus compatible with Speed Booster or any lens mount adapters with filter?

Yes, the Remus adheres to the standard PL/EF mount flange distance design. It fully supports any lens adapter, just like other lenses with PL/EF mounts.

How is the image performance with the Remus wide open?

When set at T2.0 wide open(45mm/65mm), the Remus will deliver a softer image performance. For sharper image results, we suggest adjusting the iris to T2.8 or higher.